Today modern technology and advanced construction techniques are making timber bridges stronger, more durable, maintenance-free and environmentally friendly than ever before.

Timber's strength, light weight, and energy-absorbing properties make it highly desirable for bridge construction. Timber can meet the same structural requirements as any other building material, such as conformance with AASHTO HS20-44 or HL-93 standards and greater when required.

Wood is inherently very durable when properly protected. Town and Country Project’s researched and recommended treatments extend the life of the timbers, protecting wood against:

  • rotting
  • shrinking
  • twisting
  • insect attack
  • and everyday exposure to the elements.

Using modern application techniques and preservatives, wood can now be effectively protected from deterioration for periods of 30 years or longer.

Economically wood is very competitive with other materials and shows advantages when life cycle costs are compared.

Design constraints when using steel or concrete can slow down an installation process, whereas timber is usually readily available.

Our team of experienced professionals ensures the successful on-time, cost-effective completion of your project. 

We offer various types of guard rails, roof designs, timber types (including composites) and span types, as well as numerous other options that will add to the beauty, usefulness and versatility of your design.

Our timber pilings can be driven into most sub surface bases until the point of resistance , and are often approved for permits when steel pilings or pouring of concrete are  not allowed. This method ensures minimum impact on the immediate environment that we are building on.

Our timber bridges fit beautifully in their natural settings and are installed in a manner that helps preserve prime environmentally sensitive areas and wetlands.


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