Timber Decking has experienced a resurgence and is being embraced as a way to incorporate the outdoor living inside the home. Architects and designers along with their homeowner clients are using free flowing areas from kitchen, to dining areas that merge the two. Timber adds wonderful warmth and texture to the home.

Including timber decks in landscaping designs is a unique and elegant way to cultivate the garden and to create enjoyable outdoor space. Timber Decks can be used from the internal to the outer regions of verandas and balconies. By integration of features such as wood planters, lighting or outdoor seating, timber decks become even more individual and interesting.

If you view our Obry project (below) you can see they even utilised steel and glass into their decks.  

Areas decked with timber can break large spaces into smaller 'outdoor rooms' and provide strong geometric lines that contrast with often-organically shaped shrubs and planting beds. It can also be used in the opposite to add softness and curves to a very structured landscaped garden. Wooden structures are also suitable for wet areas which makes it ideal for a meandering pathway through the garden, close to swimming pools or outdoor spas. 

In determining your ideal decking design, consider:

  • the types and colours of timber available and the shapes that might suit
  • a square-edge or a curved finish for your deck.

Town and Country Projects can work hand in hand with the designer to add specialist advice on what would or would not work in a particular project, the end in mind being the best possible product for the client.

Uneven ground can create many problems for gardeners including accessibility for routine maintenance, space for outdoor furniture and safe areas for kids to play. You might also have an area under a tree that simply will not stay grassed. The introduction of timber decking can help alleviate all of these problems as well as looking extremely attractive and offering a low maintenance, hard wearing solution for home owners.

With timber decking available from a number of different, beautiful natural woods home owners can find something to suit their own eclectic tastes.

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