Jetties & Boardwalks

Town and Country Projects can supply jetties and boardwalks over land, wetlands and small lakes to suit customers’ requirements.

The constructive process is similar to simple bridges and usually incorporates driven timber piles as a means of support which also has very little impact on the immediate environment.

Because of the close proximity to water, boardwalks and jetties are usually built out of high oil content hardwoods. However we have been successfully involved in treated pine projects as long as a maintenance plan is put in place for the structure.

One of the biggest advantages in using timber for boardwalk construction is because of its versatility as a material. Not only is it ‘light’ on the environment and sits well in its surrounding landscape, it is fairly light in weight to work with (compared to other forms of construction). It is also very forgiving when it comes to design changes or when the construction of the project has to adapt to the natural terrain and lie of the land. Timber boardwalks are also the most preferred choice for walkways and access to remote areas such as on the side of a rocky faced slope or in low lying wetlands and marshes.

Location is another key consideration. If the boardwalk is to be located in a wetland or other environmentally sensitive areas, an assessment will be needed to determine whether to use timber or more permanent materials like concrete. Concrete, as an example, often involves heavy machinery which can damage the environment. This would necessitate an Environmental Impact Assessment which will add to the cost and duration of the project. On the other hand, when using timber, a lot of pre-manufacturing, drilling and cutting can be done offsite. This lessens the environmental impact and ultimately the time and cost of the project.







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