Timber pergolas offer an attractive and economical way to create functional living and entertainment areas in the outdoors.  Pergolas designed with care can maximise both winter sunshine and summer shade, ensuring outdoor living is enjoyed all year round. With its natural look, durability and versatility there are few other materials that can match the advantages of timber in pergola construction.

Pergolas are typically constructed via a straightforward post and beam process, which can be attached to an existing building or form a free standing structure. A protective finishing coat will preserve the life of the pergola and a variety of paints and stains are available on the market to facilitate this. Once again you can match the pergola with the timber used on your deck for maximum effect.

The most popular pergola style is a pergola attached to a pre-existing building, often built over a patio or recreation area. Alternatively free standing pergolas, popular for domestic applications, can turn an unused corner of the garden into an outdoor retreat for peace and quiet relaxation. The type of pergola you choose will not just depend on your individual preference; it will also be determined by location, style and size.

Because most pergolas are exposed to year round weather conditions and sometimes in-ground contact, selection of timber can be crucial. To achieve the best long-term results, species should be selected based on their expected durability under extreme weather conditions. Regular maintenance can be applied and is encouraged to not only maintain the look of the timber but to ultimately prolong the life of the pergola.

In cases where the above ground timber is sheltered from the elements the choice is even greater and could even include some low natural durability timber species.

Timber size is usually dependent on the lengths and load bearing required for specific designs.  Thickness of wood and density will also have an impact.  Town and Country Projects will assist with design and timber sizing.








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